Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If Startup Thinking is Wrong, I Don't Want To ...

I've never really been sold on the ideas coming from AdAge. That said, much of the information is nice to know. Yesterday, they ran a piece aimed to help Marketing Chiefs think more like startups. There is enough wrong with this post that I don't want to cover the details.

First, what was right.

Marketing Chiefs think like Marketing Chiefs. Always have and probably always will. When we get some new thought, we'll create a new title and let the Chiefs die off thinking the success was their credit. Kudos to the author for speaking to these heavyweights in terms they understand - you do good work but something can be learned from startups.

So what kind of advice do we have for these Marketing Chiefs? I mean, so long as we're going to debase ourselves and look to startups for success tips, what kind of insight can we gleen?
  • Tell people why you're important
  • Worry about the detail
  • Always think about leverage
  • Be bold
  • Prepare for the unexpected
Is this a joke? If not, what the hell have Marketing Chiefs been doing these past years that these points have escaped them? Sometimes I take the advantages of marketing in a digital world for granted. Then again, sometimes I take the intelligence of Marketing Chiefs for granted.

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